Indian Gun Survivors for an Arms Trade Treaty

Ravi Mathur

Four year back, when I was coming back with my friend in his car, I saw a crowd around a lady fallen down on the road and two youths who hurriedly started their scooter and rushed. We stopped to know what happened and the lady replied her gold chain was snatched. We followed the two people on scooter immediately and caught hold of them near IIT flyover. One of the men managed to escape. A huge crowd has formed in no time. Within a few minutes the escaped man returned in the crowd and suddenly I felt something was there in my left armpit and after that every thing was dark. I was shot.

The bullet lodged into my spinal cord and damaged my ribs. My neuro-system was damaged by the shot and I became paralyzed below my stomach. I cannot move now without the help of the wheel chair. I was a photographer by profession but now I have no source of income. My wife who is a working as a teacher is the only source of income for my family. My monthly expenditure on medicines itself is eight to nine thousand. Till date, I have not received any kind of help from the government.

The life of a gun survivor is very difficult. The trauma one goes through everyday is beyond the understanding of a normal man. The government should ensure that licenses for holding arms should be based on strict criteria to prevent such mishap. The government should also provide us with some aid; living a disabled life is not easy.

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