Indian Gun Survivors for an Arms Trade Treaty

Renu Hangzo

On the fatal day of 6 April 2007, my husband along with two of his friends were returning from the market in a scooter (Activa). A team of Police commandos were frisking the passerby at Kwakeithel which about 1 km from my house. Apparently, they must be asked to stop. But they might not be having heard them as there many other who were also stop by the police. Within the sort time, the police commandos’ team reportedly chased them by firing towards them. Mr. Paka who was the pillion rider was hit at the back which led to the scooter to skid and fell on the side of the road. But two of them including my husband were still alive.

Immediately, police surrounded the two pointing their gun to them. Thereafter, they were asked to remove their shirt and made to sit down and stand up by raising their hands up. All the while, police were laughing and threatening them. The scene was witnessed by the local people who were trying to help them. But since the police fired at witnesses, they were not allowed to intervene. The two youths were brutally and mercilessly subjected to tortured and shot dead at the point blank on the forehead and inside mouth.

The police commandos reported and filed a fabricated FIR to justify the horrific action even if the victim families and eye witnesses reported the true facts. The matter was put under the magisterial enquiry with no outcome till date.

The plight of widow like me and thousands of others are of no consequence to the responsible government of my state. The government should take responsibility to rehabilitate widows and their children and to make strict laws to regulate irresponsible transfer of arms that fuels conflicts.

As a wife of victim who has known the sorrows and pain caused by the illegal use of arms, I really do appreciate the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and would like to call upon one and all to wholeheartedly support it.

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