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UTLA gen secy killed

Source: | Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Imphal, March 06 2017: The general secretary of UTLA/KNO Sehjahao Singsit alias Haopu Singsit alias Abunidhar of Tuijang village was reportedly killed by his own men at Songsang area in Thanlon sub-division.

Sources said the UTLA leader's killing may be related to the just concluded Assembly polls as he is believed to have a disagreement on the issue.

It is learnt that KKL Thanlon block and KKL Songsang unit has carried the body from the jungle where he was killed to Songsang village chief's residence.

The KKL GHQs has today sent a pick-up truck and a Bolero jeep to take the body from Songsang to his native village where he will be buried.


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