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Assam: Woman brutally raped and murdered for failing to repay 2000 rupees!

Source: | Saturday, June 3, 2017

Guwahati, June 1, 2017: The reason behind the sensational death of a woman in Guwahati Kamakhya’s Nursery area on May 28th is ultimately traced and the killer is arrested. The lady was killed by Bapukan Ali because of 2000 rupees which she failed to return it to him. Her dead body was recovered by locals on 28th May in her rented room.

Police arrested the killer Bapukan, from his own house in Agyathuri in Kamrup District. He admitted in front of the police that he went to her room to take back his 2000 rupees which he had lended her earlier. When she failed to return it, he first raped her and ultimately killed with a piece of wood. Then he stole her mobile phone and television and left the T. V in some else’s house. Bapukan arrested by the police team lead by ACP Pranjit Duora.


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