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Importance and Role of Women in Decision making Forums Peace and Development in Manipur and North East India - 4 June 2014, Bishnupur Manipur

Updated: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Women participants in the Meeting

Women participants i...
Lighting up of Candles by Ms. L. Nganbi, Convener Joint Committee Inner Permit line System & Bimola, Women Leader, Bishnupur  District.

Lighting up of Candl...
Group Photo

Group Photo
Ms. Angan Golmei, Councilor Ward no.8, Bishnupur sharing Her future Strategies

Ms. Angan Golmei, Co...
Ms. Enakhunbi, Member Kumbi, Sharing her points

Ms. Enakhunbi, Membe...
Ms. Jubita Hazarimayum, Conducting the seesion

Ms. Jubita Hazarimay...
Ms. Binalakshmi Nepram introducing herself & briefing about MWGSN

Ms. Binalakshmi Nepr...
Ms. Sumila, Erengbam sharing her points

Ms. Sumila, Erengbam...
Ms.Th Jamuna, Elected Member, irengbam, sharing her future strategies

Ms.Th Jamuna, Electe...
Ms. Jubita Hazarimayum interacting the women prticipants

Ms. Jubita Hazarimay...
Ms. L. Nganbi addressing welcom speech

Ms. L. Nganbi addres...
Ms. L.Nganbi. presnting a flower to Karie cross from USA

Ms. L.Nganbi. presnt...
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Successfully held Painting Competition on Gender, United Nations and Gun Violence at Imphal. Organised by Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network - 10 Dec 2017

Successfully held Painting Com...

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